VERN' Summer School Vis

Erasmus Summer School started at the VERN's University Center at the Island of Vis

After the five-days Startup Camp gathering at the VERN's International Academic Center at the Island of Vis, the Erasmus Summer School opened it's doors to 35 students and 9 professors from Croatia, Slovenia, Finland and Poland, transforming it to the international knowledge exchange center. The summer school is entitled "Strengthening the sustainability and sustainable development in tourism" and it will last untill 15th September.

At the opening ceremy VERN's Vice-dean for International Cooperation and Lifelong Learning, Ms. Aida Liha, welcomed all the participants and wished them a successful academic work at the island's specific environment in which the students will have an opportunity to discuss competitiveness and sustainable development with the lectures as well as with the actors of the local development and innovative thinking. Dean Mr. Goran Radman reminded students about the history of the Center's building which was built in 1901 and it was the primary school at the Island. Today, the 111 years later, it welcomed the first international group of students. The Mayor of the town of Vis Mr. Ivo Radica also welcomed all the participants and wished them a successful work at the Island of Vis.

The Erasmus Summer School brought together students and academics from VERN' University of Applied Sciences, as well as other colleagues from partner faculties: Faculty of Tourism and Faculty of Commercial Sciences from the Business, the University of Applied Sciences in Vaasa and the Chodkowska University of Warsaw.

It is implemented as a part of the Lifelong Learning Program, Erasmus intensive programs, and it is consisted of a series of lectures, workshops, tours, and educative excursions. The classes will be held by the professors from the VERN’s undergraduate studies Entrepreneurial Economics and Tourism, and from the graduate studies Entrepreneurial Management and Managing Sustainable Tourism Development, as well as by the other professors from partner faculties and local entrepreneurs. The entire program will be conducted in English.

After finishing the Erasmus Summer School students will be awarded with the maximum of 5 ECTS credits which will be registered in their final document (diploma supplement).

The aim of the Summer School is to promote mutual cooperation and exchange of views among the students and teachers in cross-cultural and multidisciplinary environment, with the aim of acquiring new knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship, competitiveness, sustainable development and environmental protection, and to encourage innovation in these areas. Participants will attend lectures, workshops and discussions on the topic of entrepreneurship, tourism, sustainable development, economics, and innovation and competitiveness in terms of sustainable development. In communication with local businesses and residents, they will gain insight into their needs and expectations, and develop projects to encourage sustainable tourism development.

Published: 06.09.2012.