VERN' Summer School Vis

"Collection of best students' entrepreneurial ideas" from Erasmus Summer School released

Erasmus Intensive Program entitled "Empowerment for sustainability and sustainable development in tourism" was implemented in september 2012 and september 2013 in VERN’s International University Center at the Island of Vis. So far the program joined many students and lecturers from VERN’ University of Applied Sciences and from partner Universities from Finland, Slovenia and Poland.

The main goal of the program is to supply students with applicable theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of tourism, the empowerment for sustainability, competitiveness and sustainable development, through lectures and field work in a specific island environment, in cooperation with local entrepreneurs on the actual real practices.

This multidisciplinary educational program includes writing of final paper in the form of an entrepreneurial project, which is an independent task of each student at the end of the cycle. Students choose a topic of their projects and they develop their ideas with mentors and entrepreneurs. Their entrepreneurial projects are mainly based on the Island’s rich cultural and historical heritage, natural beauty and reactivation of existing, but unused resources.

The selection of the best students' papers in last two years is published in

It's also published at the webpage of Erasmus International Summer School.

Erasmus International Summer School project is supported by European Commission and Croatian Agency for Mobility and EU Programs and fully funded from EU funds - Erasmus Intensive Programs.

Published: 20.01.2014.