VERN' Summer School Vis

The opening of the International University Center VERN-Vis

The opening of the International university center VERN'-Vis took place last Friday at the center's premises at the Island of Vis. This project is a result of the successful cooperation between the town of Vis and VERN’ University of Applied Sciences. It’s a part of the project called "VERN' island initiative", which is aimed to the revitalization of the Croatian islands and it can be observed as a possible direction for the sustainable development of the islands in Croatia.

The project was presented by Mr. Branko Stefanovic, VERN’s Chairman of the Board, VERN’s dean Mr. Goran Radman, the Mayor of the town of Vis Mr. Ivo Radica and the Prefect of Split-Dalmatia County, Mr. Luka Brcic. The initiative for establishing the academic center was built on the fact that the island of Vis has all the necessary resources for a smooth academic work – a pleasant Mediterranean climate, preserved natural and historical heritage, untapped resources, and sufficient transport links. The use of those resources for the academic purpose is a unique example in the Region.

"On one side, the project is designed to contribute the revival and enrichment of our most distant Island, not with tourist, but with the academic facilities. On the other side, it is designed to contribute the enrichment of the process of the higher education, which has to be challenging and interesting process", said Mr. Branko Stefanovic.

All students, academics and business experts who will be staying at the University Center, will experience a unique model of studying, in the specific environment that offers many opportunities for academic and extracurricular activities.

"We are currently offering the international and national projects that are more or less complementary to our regular educational programs. These include lifelong learning programs or further education and trainings. We are planning to run a large number of such programs, and also a parallel and regular undergraduate studies, which we offer at VERN’ in Zagreb", said Mr. Goran Radman.

The local community recognized the potential and the social value of the project, which is going to bring an increase in the arrivals and encourage the growth of entrepreneurial activity on the island. Therefore, they actively participated in the process from the very beginning.

The U.S. Embassy in Croatia recently organized the Startup Camp for young entrepreneurs in the Center. Currently the Erasmus Summer School named "Strengthening the sustainability and sustainable development in tourism" is ongoing. Summer school program is fully financed from the funds for intensive mobility programs Erasmus mobility. The 2012 year program is devoted to undergraduate studies Entrepreneurial Economics and Tourism. It is conducted with our partner Universities from Finland, Poland and Slovenia.

Published: 11.09.2012.