VERN' Summer School Vis

2nd Erasmus Summer School on Vis began with a focus on sustainability and competitiveness

Around 50 students and professors from Croatia, Slovenia, Finland and Poland gathered at the 2nd Erasmus International Summer School named "Strengthening for the sustainability and sustainable tourism development" which lasts from 1st to 14th September at VERN's International University Center on the Island of Vis.

On the Island students from VERN' University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of tourism – Turistica, Faculty of business sciences, Chodkowska University of Warsaw and University of Applied Sciences of Vaasa collaborate with local entrepreneurs on the development of sustainable business projects.

The Summer school program consists of lectures, workshops and visits to local entrepreneurs. In the first three days students had lectures and discussions on:

  • sustainability (Prof. Irena Ateljević)
  • competitiveness (Prof. Mira Lenardić and Prof. Goran Radman) and
  • good business practices that ensure sustainability (Prof. Tatjana Rijavec).

In addition, students also visited the town of Vis and learned more information about its rich history and participated at a "Country Presentation Dinner" where they presented their countries and their traditional products.

The Erasmus International Summer School is held at VERN's International University Center at the Island of Vis and its goal is to foster collaboration and exchange of ideas among students and professors in intercultural and multidisciplinary environment. The Summer School program is fully funded by Erasmus Intensive Program.

This summer school is also recognized as a valuable project by the Croatian Agency for Mobility and EU Programs, who ranked it among the best practices in Croatia in the field of Erasmus intensive programs. More information about the program and activities for students can be found at

Published: 06.09.2013.