VERN' Summer School Vis

2nd Erasmus International Summer School ended with presentations of student’s projects

In the final part of the 2nd Erasmus International Summer School which was held from 1st to 14th September at VERN’s International University Center at the Island of Vis, students discussed about environmental values, attitudes and behaviors and they gained new skills for their final presentations.

Environmental issues were analyzed on lectures of Professor Mr. Mikko Peltola, while VERN's Professor Ms. Ozana Ramljak held practical lectures about presentation skills and presentation of entrepreneurial projects.

In the framework of extra-curricular activities students visited family farm Roki's and its vineyards, they attended a presentation on organic agriculture, a presentation on sustainable development of agriculture and tourism and they exchanged their impressions with the owners of farm. They also visited agricultural cooperative Podspilje where they gained new skills and knowledge for making their final projects.

For the finals students had to make their own entrepreneurship projects based on two week lectures and workshops about entrepreneurship, tourism and sustainable development. Also they had to present their projects to other fellow students and professors from the Erasmus Summer School.

After presentations Mr. Branko Stefanovic, a Chairman of the Board of Governors congratulated students on the completion of summer school, while Mr. Ozren Jureković, VERN’s acting Dean awarded students with their certificates. Traditionally, all of the school’s participants concluded their stay on the Island with final party at the restaurant Villa Kaliopa.

The 2nd Erasmus International Summer School at VERN’s International University Center Vis was attended by about 50 students and professors from Croatia, Slovenia, Finland and Poland – VERN’ University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of tourism – Turistica, Faculty of business sciences, University of Applied Sciences of Vaasa and Chodkowska University of Warsaw.

The Summer School program is fully funded by Erasmus Intensive Program. It is also recognized as a valuable project by the Croatian Agency for Mobility and EU Programs, who ranked it among the best practices in Croatia in the field of Erasmus intensive programs. More information about the program and activities for students can be found at

Published: 19.09.2013.