VERN' Summer School Vis

About VERN' Erasmus summer school

As a holder of the Extended Erasmus University Charter, VERN' University of Applied Sciences from Zagreb, Croatia is organizing Erasmus Intensive programme. The intensive programme is envisaged as a summer school which is going to be held at the island of Vis.

This summer school is devoted to VERN's undergraduate and 1st year graduate students , as well as the students from partner universities: Chodkowska University from Warsaw (Poland), University of Applied Sciences in Vaasa (Finland), University for tourism – Turistica from Portorož (Slovenia) and Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences from Celje (Slovenia).

The Course

The summer school program entitled “Empowerment for Sustainability and Sustainable Tourism Development” lasts for two weeks and consists of various lecturers, workshops, panels and case studies concerning entrepreneurship, tourism, sustainable development, economics, innovation and competitiveness, all in view of sustainable development. Both the students and professors will participate in workshops organized in cooperation with local entrepreneurs, take a sightseeing tour and get known with the historical and cultural heritage of the island of Vis and the city of Split.


The summer school's goal is to encourage the cooperation and exchange of knowledge and ideas among students and lecturers in a multicultural and multidisciplinary environment thus stimulating knowledge and skills acquisition and innovation in the fields of entrepreneurship, competitiveness, sustainable development and environment protection. It is aimed to develop further knowledge and skills from the fields of environment protection, entrepreneurship, competitiveness and innovation among the students and other attendees.

For whom it’s intended

The summer school is intended for students who are interested in tourism development from the perspective of sustainable development, cultural and historical heritage protection and environment protection. It is also aimed for lecturers from the field of economics, tourism, entrepreneurship, competitiveness and innovation.


The summer school is going to be held at the VERN’s International University Centre Vis which is situated in the town of Vis, the capital of the island of Vis, one of the most beautiful Croatian islands. This isolated venue, abounding in natural beauty and cultural heritage, with a pleasant mediterranean climate, provides unique opportunities for focused academic work and other extracurricular activities. Part of the summer school's program is going to be held on the other locations around the island and also in the city of Split, the capital of the Croatian Dalmatia region.

Partners Five partner institutions will be involved in realization of the program. The program partners are specialized each in one scientific segment which makes the consortium very much complementary and brings in synergy in the work of the IP. The academic profile and extensive background in studies related to sustainable development, tourism and entrepreneurship of all participating institutions, including associates (local stakeholders from the island of Vis) guarantee fruitful reflection and discussion upon given topic, in the following way:

  • VERN’ will provide expertise related to the fields of sustainability, sustainable tourism, transmodern tourism as economy of experience in tourism, entrepreneurial economics and competitiveness. It will also be responsible for the day to day operational and financial management of the activities.
  • Turistica will provide expert in the area of systems approach and modeling for sustainability in tourism with a strong focus in practical work;
  • VAMK with its main areas of focus on international business and tourism, and health care and social services. VAMK takes a special interest in combining the traditional entrepreneurial spirit of the region with international awareness, languages and culture in the education;
  • Chodkowska University will provide the expertise related to the strategic thinking and project management;
  • FKPV will provide the expertise in the area of promotion of sustainability development and environmental protection.

This program is founded by the European Commission and carried out within the Erasmus Mobility Project.