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My name is Karri Koivula. I'm 21 years old student from Vaasa, Finland. I study International Business in VAMK, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences. I consider movies, working out, music and electronics as my hobbies. Thank you for this great opportunity to come here in Croatia to learn new things! I expect to meet new people from different parts of the world and expand my worldview.
  My name is Matic Zupančič and I come from Slovenia. I've finished third year of undergraduate study on Turistica in Portorose and am looking forward to meeting new people, listen to experts on the subject and exchange ideas on sustainability and entrepreneurship.
  Klara Glavač, age 23, student of journalism at Vern University.
I was very much interested for the program since I have very close ties to Croatian islands, and plan to start a life/business on one of them some day. I expect to learn about all aspects concerning island development - from sustainable development, ecology, business and entrepreneurship to learning about the history of Vis.
  My name is Andrijana Jurakić and I come from Zagreb. I am studying economics and entrepreneurship at Vern and just finished my first undergraduate year. Before I signed up for school I had been working for 10 years in America for Royal Caribbean Cruise line as a sales person and dive/watersports instructor. My main hobby is underwater photography and I wanted to turn it into a sustainable business by opening an interactive photo gallery. This is the reason for my interest in this summer school so I can gain extra knowledge in that area, get new ideas and try to implement them on my own future business.
  My name is Katarina Korent. I live in Zagreb, Croatia. As I am currently in specialist professional graduate study of communication management, I see this summer school as an excellent opportunity for organizing and expanding my knowledge. An additional benefit of this summer school is that it enables exchange of knowledge and experiences outside the formal educational framework. Its international character provides a chance to meet and connect with other participants of the event. In my free time I make polymer clay jewelry.
  Hello, my name is Henna-Riikka Uuro and I am the second year student at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, major in International Business. I moved back to Vaasa after seven years of moving around, spending a year or so in England too, so in a way I am getting back to my roots now, at least for a few years. I am really keen on learning how to combine green values I try to follow in my personal life with the cold values which are often associated with business life. I am also interested to learn more about the way people's attitudes towards sustainability are developing and what are the key changes we need to make to build the sustainable living environment.
  Hi! My name is Nita Päivärinta and I am a second year student at Vaasa university of applied sciences. My major is international business. I am 23 years old and I come from a small town in western Finland. Besides studying, I work at a clothing store. My personal interests are sports, traveling, movies and getting to know new people and cultures.
  I am Rok Birsa, I come from Slovenia and I have 30 years. I am studying business sciences at FKPV faculty in Celje on the third step. My first step study I finished at the Turistica in Portorož (gambling tourism) and the second step study I finished at FKPV (accounting). I have been working in tourism for 7 years. I am currently employed in the casino where I am in charge of the casino business. In this summer school in Vis I would like to improve and expand knowledge in the field of tourism; I am very interested in gambling tourism.
  Hello! My name is Veronika Tomažič and I come from Slovenia, small village called Visoko, Gorenjska region which is surrounded by beautiful nature, mostly by mountains. I am student of the Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences the program Event Management in Celje. Here I am of curiosity what can I learn about sustainable tourism. In Slovenia we have it a lot and here I am looking also some new ideas, what we can do better for our future in tourism as well. Unexpected places, new people give us new ideas and inspiration. I took gladly the opportunity to attend Vern Summer School on Vis with such a rich program. I am looking forward to lectures, which consist mainly of practical insights and experience gained through their work. I hope as well to improve my English. So, learn something new, about the culture and see the island Vis as much as possible, have nice time here.
  My name is Katarina Malgaj and I am 19 years old. I have just finished my first year at Fakulteta za turistične študije- Turistica in Portorož. The idea of me working in tourism came to me about two years ago and I am getting more and more fond of it every day. I see myself in a small family hotel at Karst in Slovenia or somewhere in Tuscany, because I love the peaceful life.
  My name is Maja Grosek and I study on the Faculty of Tourism Studies Portorož - Turistica, University of Primorska in Portorož. I just finished my first year there and I really look forward to the next year. During this summer school I want to learn something new and to see some other points of view on the matter of sustainability.
  My name is Aleksandra Eraković and I am studying destination marketing at the Faculty of Tourism Studies Turistica Portorož. Quite a few reasons assured me that I should apply for the VERN Summer School Programe. Besides a great opportunity of improving my English skills, I consider this experience to be inevitable for my career growth. I hope that foreign tutors, a variety of lectures and a load of proficient literature would widen up my overall view on global tourism and entrepreneurship.
  My name is Dora Špehar, I come from Vrbovec and I study management in tourism on VERN' University in Zagreb. I teach yoga and I hope that someday I can combine tourism and yoga for living. In my free time I play saxophone and sing in a choir. I applied for this summer school because I plan to do my master's degree in managing sustainable development in tourism, so this school is a nice preparation for it.
  My name is Tina Brlečič and I come from Slovenia, Ljubljana. I study tourism in Portorož. I decided to go on summer school on the island of Vis because I want to learn something new, meet new friends and I want to improve my English. And of course I want to have fun.
  My name is Kaja Dobnikar and I come from Ljubljana, Slovenia. I am 19 years old and I am studying mediation in tourism at Faculty of tourism studies in Portorož. I have just finished my first year there and I applied for this summer school because I like learning new languages and meeting new people. Anyway I just want to learn something new and to have fun.
  Hello! My name is Amadej Kozole and I'm from a neighboring country called Slovenia. As a student of tourism on Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences Celje I'm always prepared for new adventures, absorbing given knowledge and working on different projects. Coming to Vis and participating in this VERN summer school is a huge opportunity which I'm grabbing with both hands. I believe that here I'll receive loads of knowledge of how things work in practice as well as gaining information about sustainable tourism from experienced lecturers. I'm also looking forward to all excursions and guided tours which will portray beautiful heritage and landscape of the island Vis.
  My name is Martina Tomljanovic, I am from Virovitica but I've been studying in Zagreb for the last 4 years at VERN' University. This is my first visit to the Island of Vis. I'm really happy I got the opportunity to spend two weeks on this beautiful island. I have high expectations from summer school because I am still a student at VERN, master student of Sustainable Tourism, and I'm eager to learn as much as possible about sustainability in general and in practice. The other reason I applied is to meet new people and see they perception and ideas on sustainability and tourism in general.
  My name is Anna Nguyen and I am 20 years old. I live in Vaasa, Finland. I'm born in Sweden and have been living in Vaasa for 6-7 years now, my parents are from Vietnam. I study Bussiness Administration in Vaasa University of Applied Sciences. My major is accounting and this is going to be my third year. This summer I have been working with Accounts Payable for Wärtsilä Finland Oy. On my spare time I like to bake, paint or read.
  My name is Zoja Kilibarda. I am 30 years old and I come from Zagreb.  I am Bachelor of Economics in Tourism Management. After finishing undergraduate study of Tourism Management I decided to continue my education in the same direction. So my next goal was graduate professional study of Sustainable Tourism Development. At the moment I am first year student. I am very interested in developing my knowledge and skills and this Summer school is an ideal place for that. Besides that it is an excellent opportunity to get to know the island of Vis in a different way. Not as a tourist but as a person that works in tourism and who will make a difference in Croatian tourism and learn how to preserve resources for future generations.
  My name is Marin Uroda, I'm 21 years old and I am from Pirovac, a small village near Šibenik. I am a student at VERN' University, I study entrepreneurial economics. I consider this summer school an opportunity to get to know some aspects of sustainability and tourism in general because I want to spread my field of interests, meet new people and experience the most of this beautiful Island. These are my expectations.
  Hi! My name is Saara Leppänen and I'm a twenty-year-old student from Finland. I also work as a receptionist in Hotel Astor in Vaasa and on my free time I enjoy swimming, dancing and reading. Now I study International Business in Vaasa University of Applied Sciences and before I've already got my degree in tourism. When I heard about this summer school, I got really excited about it since it combines both tourism and business, and teaches more about sustainability too. Now when I actually am here in Vis, I've really enjoyed everything,  especially the nice weather and beauty of the island.
  Hi! My name is Taru Pajumäki and I'm 21 years old student from Finland. I study International business at the Vaasa University of Applied Sciences. This year is going to be my third and final year of studies. I'm interested in travelling and I will apply for exchange next spring. So far I've had really good time here in Vis and I'm looking forward the next two weeks!
  My name is Ingrid Bauman and I am 20 years old.  I come from the second biggest city in Slovenia, Maribor. I study tourism at Fakulteta za turistične študije – Turistica in Portorož. I love to travel and meet new people and different cultures. I would like to work in the field of marketing or event organization.  I hope I will meet a lot of people and have really good time here on the island of Vis.
  I'm Eva Rotar and I'm 21 years old. I'm a student of Journalism at VERN' University of Applied Sciences, Zagreb. I expect to deepen my knowledge and exchange ideas on the important issue of environmental protection and sustainable development in a stimulating environment alongside my colleagues. I am especially interested in getting an insight from an economic perspective. Furthermore, I expect to learn about the protection of cultural heritage and touristic promotion from colleagues and lecturers from other EU countries.
  Petar Vučetić, born in Bjelovar, finished high school and music school in London, studied at VERN' (undergraduate - Economics of Enterpreneurship, and graduate - Managing Business Communications). I am a tenor in Academic choir "Ivan Goran Kovačić" and sing in a rock band. Photography is a big part of my life, both privately and professionally. I hope to extend my knowledge of sustainable tourism as a business possibility at this Summer school.
  My name is Saša Fajković and I am from Karlovac, Croatia. I study Business IT at VERN' University and play drums in the band called Full Monty and working on an innovative business project. I came to Erasmus Summer School at Vis to expand my horizons in other ways than just technology. Knowing that tourism isn't something that I would try to learn by myself, now I will have to learn it. Learning something new, and totally different from IT will help me make better, smarter and innovative business decisions.
  My name is Marko Škrobo, and I'm from Osijek, Croatia. I'm currently studying entrepreneurial economics at VERN’ University, and I'm starting my second year in a couple of weeks. Although not my main field of study, I had gathered some experience working in tourism while working in a restaurant owned by my family. Tourism is one of my main interests, and sustainability is definitely an important concept. I'm looking forward to learning new things that I could implement back home.
  Mario Gamulin, born in 1990, in Rijeka. I attended elementary school and high school on the Island of Hvar. Recently moved to Zagreb to study on Vern university of applied sciences, undergraduate programme of entrepreneurial economics. I am working in tourism for the last 6 years as my family owns a tourist agency on the island of Hvar. Sustainability has always been one of my interests as I believe that it is the only way for people to live in balance with nature and each other in a long term period.
  Hi, my name is Tamara Lipić. I come from Zagreb. I finished my bachelor's degree in economy Entrepreneurship at VERN University of Applied sciences. I started my master in entrepreneurship management also at VERN University of Applied sciences. I am interested in management, entrepreneurship and sustainable tourism development. My expectations of Summer school Vis are acquiring new knowledge and skills, achieving new contacts and friendships and expand horizons.
  I am Mario Daniel Božanja, I come from Dubrovnik, Croatia. I finished my bachelor's degree in economy Entrepreneurship at VERN University of Applied sciences. I see this summer school as a great opportunity to improve my knowledge about sustainability in tourism . I hope to gain interesting inputs and feedbacks and to use them to improve some of my entrepreneurial ideas.  As I already participated in the Erasmus program, this is my second experience within the same program, I can just say it made my life richer in the sense of making new friendship with people coming from different parts of the world, as well as in academic opportunities.
  My name is Marjetka Pirš, I come from Slovenia, from town Celje. I am a student of the Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences in Celje, program Event Management. During this summer school I want to learn something new and get new knowledge and skills, get fun and also I hope to improve my English. Because of that I decided to go on Vern summer school on the island of Vis.
  My name is Maja Vujčić. I am 25 years old Croatian student, attending Economy of Entrepreneurship Programme at VERN' School of Applied Sciences. As I consider myself a very dynamic person, enjoying networking, getting new experiences and sharing the ideas with my colleagues, I have applied for the Erasmus scholarship, as I have noticed the opportunity to get into International Summer Business School in Vis. With no specific expectations, but considering the fact that now days the knowledge is the most valuable asset in business, I hope I will have the opportunity to raise my education to a higher level and get the helping guide that will lead me to encourage my personal professional strengths.
  My name is Stefan Jungar from Vaasa, Finland. I´m a third year student at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences and my major is International Business. I love travelling and getting to know people from different backgrounds and cultures. I like to read and to spend my time in nature. I live by the quote; "Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.”
  My name is Marko Petošić. I am 21 years old, and I am coming from Zagreb, Croatia. I have just finished my first year on the University of applied sciences VERN´, on a study of Entrepreneurial Economics. Currently, I am attending Erasmus Summer School at the VERN´ University Center at the Island of Vis. I am extremely satisfied with the University, and with my accomplishment, as a VERN´ student. Generally I am an optimistic, open – minded and friendly person. I like meeting new interesting people, learning and searching for a new things and information, traveling, having a lot of fun…My goal is to continue with this good result, to work even harder, to invest more time in improvement and specialization, and to enhance my knowledge and skills.

Best student papers 

Student Project name Download link
Amadej Kozole Sustainable development of Island Vis
Dora špehar Enterpreneurial project: Jazzyoga
Eva Rotar Art Colony Vis
Henna-Riikka Uuro The search for happiness
Karri Koivula How to attract more people from the Nordic
countries and maintaining sustainability?
Katarina Korent Island of Vis: Lighthouse tourism development
Klara Glavač The project on Island Cres
Maja Vujčić  Island of Vis - the mediterranean fragrant oasis
Marjetka Pirš Marina on the Island of Vis
Marko Petošić Secrets of the Island of Vis
Marko Škrobo The last British patrol on Vis
Martina Tomljanović Pop Up the Island of Vis
Matic Zupančić Sustainable tourism development on Vis
Petar Vučetić

Rugby on Vis - an enrichment of unpopular
sports on Vis – Roki’s winery

Taru Pajumäki Travelling by switching houses
Veronika Tomažič  Sustainable tourism of Island Vis

Student Mobility

No. of students Country of origin Erasmus code of the HEI of origin Country of destination Duration in days
(including travel days and weekend days without subject-related activities)
7 Poland Country of destination PL WARSZAW17  Croatia 14
7 Slovenia SI KOPER01
7 Finland SF VAASA03 Croatia 14
7 Croatia HR ZAGREB10 Croatia 14
7 Slovenia SI CELJE04 Croatia 14


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