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Best student papers 2012-2013


Hi, my name is Aleksandra Tomaszewska. I come from Poland. I'm 22 years old. I study Psychology in Chodkowska University. I want to learn something new, meet interesting people and spend fantastic time on the Island Vis.

  My name is Anna Ivačič and I come from Laško, Slovenia. As a postgraduate student of tourism on Faculty of tourism studies - Turistica in Portorož, I expect to learn new skills and to acquere knewledge in the feld of sustainability. Last vear, I finished my bachelor's degree in tourism on Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences. I appreciate this great opportunity to participate in VERN summer school and I am looking forward to all guided tours on the island of Vis.
My name is Anna Järvinen. I'm 21 years old and live in Vaasa, Finland. I study Business Economics at VAMK, Vaasa University of Applied Siences and this will be my third year of studies. In theese two weeks at the island of Vis I have learned a lot about sustainable tourism and differences between cultures. The workshops that we have had have given me many new ideas and thoughts.
  My name is Antica Filipović Grčić, I'm from Šibenik, a small town on the coast, but I live in Zagreb. I'm studing finances and accounting at university of applied sciences Vern'. I had a great time at summer school and have learned a lot about sustainable tourism developement ;)
  Hello, my name is Anja Bevc and I come from Slovenia, small town called Prebold, Savinjska valley. I am 28 years old student. I am study of the Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences in Celje. I am here because I have worked in tourism few years ago like a tourist animator in Malta. Reason for my interest for this summer school is that I am looking for some new ideas, what we can do better for our future in tourism. I am also interested to learn more about sustainability development, ecology, cultural and historical heritage protection and environment protection. I want to meet students from other countries and exchange knowledge and ideas with us. My expectations were exceeded, I am amazed at Vern university and I want to study there.
  My name is Anja Farčnik, I am 24 years old. I come from Celje, Slovenia. I am finishing my studies of tourism on the Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences Celje. I decided to come here because I am very interested in the whole concept of sustainability and I was very much looking forward to meet new people and of course, widen my knowledge in any way possible. By the very first lecture I was hooked and had already known it was going to be two interesting weeks of impulsive learning. So far I've definitely enjoyed this program and it has given me even a wider outlook on the impact our way of life has on every living thing.
  Hi! My name is Arleta Racis. I come from Poland, I have 22 years old and I study Internal Security in Warsaw. I love travelling and getting to know people from different cultures. During this Summer School I want to learn something new, get new knowledge and skils.
  Barbara Standarska
  My name is Bartlomiej Jufimiuk and I am 23 years old. I come from Poland. I study law in Chodkowska University. I was looking for some course that will open my mind more during summer holidays and Vern Summer school made it perfectly. I met here awesome people, especially teachers and VERN staff :).
  Hi! My name is Beata Paszkiewicz Tamborek and I'm 34. I study law on final year at Chodkowska University in Warsaw , Poland . As a mother I'm worried about children futures which is related with planet, environment and ecology. I'm here to get new knowledge and skills and I want to learn more about sustainbility aspects of course :).

My name is Clara Nilsson, im 25 years old girl from Finland. Im studying third year of business economics in University of applied sciences of Vaasa. I liked my stay in Vis. I have learned a lot of different cultures and the island Vis. I have also learned a lot of sustainability and have started to think more on the environment.

  My name is Dijana Borković, I am 27 years old and I'm studying destination management at the faculty of tourism studies- Turistica Portorož. Here on Island of Vis is very nice. I meet a lot of new people and gained more skills and knowledge of sustainable tourism. I am also looking forward to come back one day.
  My name is Emilia Sten and I am 22 years old. I study Tourism in Vaasa University of Applied Sciences. When I am not in school I like to hang out with my friends and go to the gym. I am really thankful for the opportunity to come to Croatia and the Island of Vis. It is such a beautiful island and I have met great people during the stay. I have also learned a lot of interesting things, explored the island and had much fun!
  My name is Emilia Back and I am 21 years old. I am born in Finland on the island Bergö, but now I live in Petalax. I am about to start my third year studying business economics in University of Applied Sciences in Vasa, Finland. My stay here at Vis has been great so far, I really enjoy the nature, food and atmosphere on the island of Vis.
  My name is Emma Granö and I study in the University of Applied Sciences in Vaasa, Finland. Vis is a very beautiful Island that has lots of opportunities to succeed. I am looking forward to meet new people and learn something that I can use in the future.
  My name is Eva Zorčič, I'm studying Business Informatics at FKPV Celje, I've finished primary school for tourism and I'v been on Erasmus exchange in Zagreb at VERN'. I like to meet new people, discovering new places and learning about new things. That's why I've decided to go to this summer school and so far I'm very excited and satisfied, because the lecture and all the lecturers that we met were realy good and interesting. The topics of summer school are useful in every day life, we got a lot of practical experiences during the workshops and teamworks. Accomodation and food are well provided, the staff from VERN' faculty is well organised and friendly. I would  recommend that experience to everybody!
  Hello, my name is Filip Vuković, I come from Zagreb, Croatia and I study tourism at Vern University Of Applied Sciences. The whole Summer School in Vis gave me new perspective on sustainability and responsible behavour in tourism. In nearby future I see myself in restaurant and event industry, so this whole experience helped me understand how to run the business and how to be sucessful while being sustainable and eco-friendly.
  Hi! My name is Ivana Dragičević, I'm 19, coming from Zagreb and I have just finished my first year of Tourism at VERN' University. This was my first visit to Vis and I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the island and its unused resources. The whole concept of gathering students from different places and sharing ideas is educative and fun. As someone who will work one day in tourism, it's very important to create friendships and get positive feedback. In general, I'm a positive person and this opportunity is a valuable experience that I will definitly use in my near future.  :)
  Hi, my name is Jasna Maček, I am 20 years old and I am coming from Logatec, which is a small town near the capital Ljubljana in Slovenia. I am studying Mediation in Tourism in one of the most turistic towns in Slovenia - Portorož. I have just finished the second year there and I decided to come to Vis, because I want to learn something more about sustainable tourism, which is very important element in the future of tourism. In addition to that, I would also like to make some new friendships, have fun and leave the beautiful island of Vis with great memories and experiences.
  Josipa Skoblar
  My name is Kaja Kiš, I am 25 years old and I'm studying destination management at the Faculty of Tourism Studies - Turistica Portoroz. I am very happy to be here because I have learn a lot of new things and I met a lot of new people who gave me a lot of practical knowledge about sustainable tourism.

HI, HEY, HELLO, I am Marta Wylezinska and this is my first time in the Summer School. This, for me, is a very extensive experience! Why? Because I had to fly in a plane and I must for two weeks to live in a foreign country... But I am happy, because I met a lot of new people - from Croatia, Slovenia, Finland! I had a opportunity to talking with these people. I m from Poland, I live in Warsaw, I am a student in Chodkowska University. I study psychology of business. Now, I have title of thesis bachelot and I did not know before, that Croatia is wonderful country and Vis Island is the best of. This place has delicious figs (mniam, mniam), tasty olives, herbs and... good beer. But I hope, that people from Vern summer School 2013 very well will remember Poland, polish people and polish food.
Do zobaczenia! Marta! 


Hello, my name is Melinda Benedek, I am 25 years old. I grew up in Hungary and moved to Finland about 4 years ago. I study tourism in Vaasa and I plan to complete my studies in a year. I have visited Croatia several Times before, but I am glad to look at it from a different perspective now and to be inspired by localities from the Island of Vis. It is Nice to meet People With similar interests but different ideas.

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. "
  Hello, I am Nataša Pudić and I study Entrepreneurial Economics at VERN' University of applied sciences in Zagreb. I come from a small town called Odžak, it is in the north of Bosnia and Herzegovina. During my studying on Erasmus program in Lille, I got interested in international economics and corporate social responsibility, so I decided to apply for Summer school Vis to learn more about sustainable development. Hopefully, this experience and knowledge will help me further in my studying.

My name is Nevena Josić and I come from Zagreb, Croatia. I'm 24 years old and I'm studying management of sustainable tourism at VERN'. I also work as a front office manager in one hotel in Zagreb (Sljeme). In my free time I enjoy working as a volunteer, at Croatian Youth Hostel Association as a tour leader. I also like to read books and to travel and meet some other cultures. I came here, to this summer school because I think I could learn some new interesting things and implement them in hotel where I work. I'm really happy to be here and I'll bring a lot of great memories and experiences back home.

  My name is Nina Fišer and I am 23 years old. I come from Slovenia, I study tourism on the Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences Celje. When I first came here I was impressed by the beauty of the island and its history. And as we are learning about the sustainable development of the island, I am absorbing the knowledge and enjoying the lectures which definitely exceeded my expectations. I am fully aware  that this given knowledge will come to use with my further studies and way of life. I was very excited to meet new people and improve my English skills here on Vis.

I'm Ossi Nyqvist, 23, from Vaasa, and I study IT in Vaasa university of applied sciences.  I live and breathe my website company,, and was looking for a mental excursion to refresh my mind. The Vis summer school program seemed perfect, and I applied to give my school career a fitting, memorable end as I was closing in on the end of my program. I was hoping to learn a lot, meet new people, and be able to explore the island of Vis. All of these criterias were met and in a way that far exceeded my initial expectations.  The summer school is truly an inspiring experience and a trip to remember!

  Hello! My name is Pero Ivkovic. I am 20 years old. I study tourism and hotel management at the University of Applied Sciences VERN'. I have just finished the first year of university and I am very happy to be at the summer school in Vis. At the summer school I have learned a lot about sustainability and how to use it in tourism. The island of Vis is beautiful and a good place to study because it has potential for new projects and to help local people to use their resources. The best thing about these two weeks are that I made new friends and explored the island.
  My name is Petar Fruk, I'm 20 years old and I come from Zagreb. I'm currently studying entrepreneurial economics at VERN’ University, and I'm starting my second year in a couple of weeks. I applied for this summer school because I want to improve my english, and because I like to meet new people. I also see this summer school as a great opportunity to improve my knowledge about sustainability in tourism, although tourism is not my main field of interest. I hope I will meet a lot of people and have really good time here on the island of Vis.
  Hello everyone! My name is Romano Pandur and I'm from Bjelovar, city famous for cheese and huge handball history. I study entrepreneurial economics at VERN' University.This is my second time that i have lessons on the Island of Vis, beautiful place with such interesting history, cullture and tradition. I consider this Summer school as a nice opportunity  to expand my knowledge in the field of sustantibility and corporative responsibility in tourism, to improve my language, meet new people and make new acquaintances. That will be my first big step in my future Erasmus experience .
  My name is Tamara Majdič and I come from a small town in Slovenia. I have just finished my third year of studying tourism on FKPV Celje. Since I was a little kid, my biggest wish was to travel around the world and learn new things, get to know different countries and cultures. This is the main reason I applied for summer school on the island of Vis. I expect to upgrade my knowledge of sustainable tourism and learn some new things about it through different workshops. I am also looking forward to see the beauties of this island, meet new people and learn more about their culture.
  Hello, my name is Tjaša Antončič I am from Slovenia and I have 21 years. I finished second year of  management of tourism destinations at Turistica in Portorož. I came here because I am interested in learning and knowing something new about sustainable tourism and get some new ideas how to make products and services sustainable and also to meet new people and explore the island of Vis.
  Hey, I am Tomislav Gregorović and I come from Zagreb, Croatia. I am doing a bachelor degree in Tourism and hotel management so the summer school on the island of Vis was a great oppurtunity for me to expand my knowledge. I finished the first year at VERN' and I am looking forward to the next academic year. In my free time I like to jog, listen to music and play trading card games.
  Hello! My name is Valentina Turčan and I am coming from Zagreb, Croatia. I'm 24 years old and am happy to say that  am just finishing Bachelor Degree in Tourism Management at VERN'. I work as a volunteer at ESN Zagreb and just have started my internship in Berlin at American Institute for Foreign Study. Staying here, at this beautiful island of Vis will give me a great insight about sustainability and tourism in Croatia, which is lately the top subject in Croatia. Surely it wasn't easy to be focused on the classes while we were surrounded by beautiful sea but the programme was really interesting and we all learnt so much from it! I'm really happy to be given this opportunity! Spending the time here with this amazing and friendly people won't ever be forgotten in my mind and I will always think about Vis, the Summer School and all the people with great joy! Thank you VERN' and thank you all people I met for this unique experience!
Ciao, My name is Vito Šterle, I come from Ljubljana, Slovenija, and I study Business systems in Tourism in University of Primorska. I decided to attend Vern Summer school on Vis, because my further intentions are to develop and direct myself in the field of Sustainable development. Beside that I love to spend my holidays in an active way, with peers of my age and similar interests, getting to know people and places from closer perspective.

Best Student Papers

Antica Filipović Grčić
Clara Nilsson
Eva Zorčič
Ivana Dragičević
Melinda Benedek
Ossi Nyqvist
Tomislav Gregorović
 Tjaša Antončič
Romano Pandur
Vito Šterle

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7 Finland SF VAASA03 Croatia 14
7 Croatia HR ZAGREB10 Croatia 14
7 Slovenia SI CELJE04 Croatia 14