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About Erasmus

VERN University of Applied Sciences participates in the Erasmus program starting with academic year 2011/12!

Erasmus is one of the most prominent initiatives of the European Union focused on all persons involved in the higher education. Main goals of the Erasmus program include:

  • improve quality and increase volume of student and teacher mobility;
  • improve quality and volume of multilateral cooperation between the European universities;
  • increase transparency and harmonization of allocated educational qualifications;
  • improve quality and volume of cooperation between institutions of higher education and universities and economy;
  • develop and exchange innovative teaching practices;
  • developing ICT contents, services and approach to lifelong education teaching

The program provides financial support to students and the teaching and non-teaching staff at VERN’ University of Applied Sciences, through the following activities:

  1. STUDENT MOBILITY for study visit abroad or professional practice at the companies, training centers, research centers or other institutions (3 to 12 months). This program may also include intensive language courses (linguistic preparation for the study visit or professional practice in duration of 2 to 6 weeks).
  2. TEACHING STAFF MOBILITY for holding classes and professional development at partner institutions (1 day to 6 weeks).
  3. NON-TEACHING STAFF MOBILITY for professional development (1 to 6 weeks).
  4. PREPARATORY VISITS – visits to partners institutions and companies (1 to 5 days).
  5. INTENSIVE PROGRAMS – shorter educational programs such as summer or winter schools which deal with topics not related to regular syllabus (2 to 6 weeks).


With the possibility of studying and living in the international environment, our students acquire valuable international and multicultural experience and develop their possibilities and skills enabling them to adapt to market needs abroad. Simultaneously, the ECTS system enables simpler acceptance of mobility and transfer of credits acquired during the study visit outside of the native land.


Erasmus Policy Statement is available HERE.

For more information on international activities, please contact the Erasmus coordinator at VERN, Aida Liha at For more information on mobility programs in Croatia, please visit