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About VERN' University of Applied Sciences

VERN' University of Applied Sciences is the largest private institution in Croatia's higher education sector, with a tradition of providing activities in the European educational sector. VERN’ offers six bachelor and five master level studies in the fields of economics, finance, media, tourism, ICT and soon in the area of applied arts. Also we offer an international MBA program. 

VERN' continuously works to broaden its international network of partnerships and co-operation agreements. International activities are running with cooperation and membership through international organizations and projects, such as the European Foundation for Management Development, EURHODIP – Leading Hotel Schools in Europe, European Public Relations Education and Research Association, ERASMUS program for students, teachers and non-teaching staff etc. 

VERN' University is dedicated to the education of multidisciplinary experts, whose energy, innovation, ambition and entrepreneurial culture are the strongest guarantee for establishing successful economic and social environment for the benefit of whole community.

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