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About the Island of Vis

The island of Vis is a Central Dalmatian offshore island and one of the most beautiful Croatian islands. Located halfway between the Strait of Otranto and the Gulf of Trieste, it is 55 kilometers from the Croatian mainland and 120 kilometers from the Italian coast. It has two large bays: the well protected port of Vis (Viška luka) facing the Dalmatian mainland and to the west the spacious Bay of Komiža. It is well connected with catamaran and ferry lines.


The Vis climate is Mediterranean, dominated by dry, hot, bright summers while the winters are mild and wet. Average summer temperatures are 24 degrees Celsius, while average winter temperature is about 10 degrees Celsius. The island has the average of 2700 annual sun hours.

Historical and nature heritage 

The earliest traces of human habitation on the island of Vis are dating from 6000 BC. Since that time, the history of the island can be traced through many battles and wars. During the Second World war, with the Allied support, the island was turned into a fortress, housing the military and civilian authorities and also the centre of Allied military operations. Decades after the war the island was

converted into a naval base closed to foreigners, but also the domestic civilian. After the latest Homeland war a wide military infrastructure was discovered on the island, dating from the former Yugoslav National Army – kilometers of underground tunnels, hundreds of bunkers, an anchorage hewn from a cliff, missile batteries, etc – which could now be part of a visitor’s site seeing tours. Detailed view of the island’s rich history can be experienced by the Archaeological collection of Hellenistic Issa and an archeological-ethnographic exhibition entitled “Museum of the Vis Area”.

Due it’s restricted access for the masses, the flora and fauna on the island is very well preserved.

More information on the history, flora, fauna and cultural heritage of the island of Vis can be found HERE.

Ferry and Catamaran schedules (Split - Vis - Split):

Spilt - Vis ferry schedule